# daily adventure

style meets comfort

Sporty, fashionable and functional – that’s what sums up Rieker’s trekking boots and models. Functional features and style carry all the excitement. Super light and particularly flexible, perfect for strutting through city centers but just as sturdy for a little hiking adventure. Nothing stands in the way of the thirst for action! Fashion and function? Yes please!

Boots on the rocks!

Full speed into daily adventure. The desire for freedom is great. We are drawn to the streets and to nature. The essential key: shoes that defy all circumstances – functional and always in fashion. Sturdy soles, durable upper material and the 100% style factor make the Rieker fall/winter models the ultimate trend this season!

Adventure Friends

Rieker has an individual style companion up its sleeve for every day adventure. Whether it’s sporty trekking boots and high-top sneakers for nature lovers or chunky ankle boots and durable lace-up boots for asphalt amazons – your style for outdoor excursions and walks in the mountains is here!

Inspiration: the sun

Yellow puts you in a good mood instantly. Lightweight suede high top sneakers with skinny jeans and a gray sweater are Sunshine-to-go. A matching backpack provides that extra helping of sporty vibes! If you prefer to be stylish and comfortable on the go, you can go for gold and yellow boots in a shiny patent leather look with a comfortable lining. A yellow knit sweater and skinny jeans, let’s go!