Make a statement

Trendy winter colours for boots and sneakers

Who says winter is drab? At Rieker, the season will be colourful! Chic women’s and men’s boots, cool biker boots, and warmly lined sneakers are presented in trendy colours, sometimes monochrome, sometimes patterned, but with lots of functional comfort features that sweeten the cold season.

(For)Ever Boots

Colourful boots and sneakers are also becoming increasingly popular on the streets, you can see them on every corner! That’s why content creators and hip fashion labels can no longer ignore the statement we’re making. Colourful styles are loved for their looks and function!

Colours of Winter

Winter = boring and dreary? Are you kidding? No more uniform grey and black – make a statement with the trendy colours from Rieker, Remonte, and R-Evolution! Rieker has the right winter models for all colour lovers and fashion people, whether high, short, chic, casual, with jewelry details, simple or with an all-over pattern. Winter blues? Not with us!