Rock the city

new city heroes

Edgy, cool and above all rocking! Get comfortable with the hot trend models of Rieker’s current autumn-winter collection. Everyone knows that casual women’s ankle boots and rough boots have long since become suitable for everyday use! Whether it’s styled with cool buckles, high or low shafts, in all-black or with profiled platform soles – one thing is certain: style and comfort go hand in hand at Rieker! Because clever functional features are just as important for the cold season as the trend!

biker boots

Rough biker boots for a colourful autumn look!

Biker boots for women undoubtedly bring a certain coolness to every outfit! We take the rock stars among winter boots and combine them with lots of colour! Colourful jackets, autumn skirts, cozy winter dresses in pastel, everything that’s fun is allowed – and matches perfectly with classic black!

Sturdy, sturdier, biker boots! Rieker proves this winter that these robust boots are rebellious, but absolutely suitable for everyday use! Sturdy lace-up boots or to rock off even faster, enjoy the convenient side zipper! Sometimes a little more chic with gold-coloured decorative accents; sometimes really rough and clean. Rieker has a collection of popular biker boots from white to grey to brown, blue and green to multicoloured! With thick chunky soles and a good profile, everything works!

you rock this!

Self-confident through the dark season with rocker-style boots, cool boots and timeless women’s ankle boots from Rieker! The autumnal eye-catchers easily provide that extra portion of coolness, courage, nonchalance and sex appeal! As if that weren’t enough, this season you’re not only on the go with a lot of style, but also particularly comfortable and safe thanks to the unique Rieker anti-stress comfort features!

spring in autumn

Green only works in spring? No way! Colour can also be shown in autumn! And these Rieker boots for women are always well equipped for the cold season. With the non-slip profile sole, you always keep the ground under your feet. The eye-catching black lacing with mountaineering eyelets and the stylish pocket make the boots a “perfect match” for autumn and winter!

all in one

Ankle boots are a must-have in every shoe closet, especially in autumn! Thanks to elastic inserts and practical zips, this chic ankle boot is also easy to put on! They are elegant, sexy, but also casual and go with almost every outfit. For example, this all black look with a fashionable quilted jacket, dress pants, and turtleneck. Rock the city girl!

street style

From the metropolises to all the cities of the world – biker boots for women and classic women’s booties undoubtedly belong in every shoe closet! The heroes of the city are as diverse as their wearers. Boring was yesterday! Autumn boots must now have that certain glam rock factor!