Sneaker by Rieker

everybody's darling

A love that never ends! That’s right, the sneaker is firmly anchored in our hearts AND on our feet! A shoe that is loved by everyone and is constantly reinventing itself. This season we have all the fashionable styles you can dream of for both him and her. New variations, many colours and of course a lot of comfort from Rieker

Sneaker: A forever love

Yes, sneakers have really been with us for a long time. Will that ever change? We doubt it! The sneaker love is just too big for that! It is more than just a shoe – the sneaker associates with emotions, with different lifestyles and often used as an investment!

All inclusive!

Above all, one quality is particularly important with sneakers: combining comfort and coolness! Isn’t it true? This is exactly what succeeds with the trendy sneakers from Rieker! So what are you waiting for? Ready, shop, go!

All blue everything

Times aren’t blue! Nothing works this spring without the heavenly colour, which is so wonderfully light and airy and therefore goes perfectly with our super-soft and ultra-light sneakers! It’s up to you whether you want to wear them with laces or as practical slip-ons with a sock shaft. The blue eye-catchers look particularly beautiful in an all-blue outfit from head to toe! 

Make it colourful

Red, blue or yellow? Summer is colourful and so are the sneakers by Rieker for spring-summer! Yellow sneakers with white laces and white, thick soles compete with the sun! A pair of bright red sneakers are a wonderful contrast to the white linen blouse. But rather sky blue? Bring more freshness into your spring outfits! And for those who can’t decide on a colour, there are our casual sneakers with practical quick lacing and a colour gradient from red to green. How cool is that?!